S/Kaduna Killings: ‘Failure To Prosecute Perpetrators Cause Of Increased Criminality’

The Muslim Youth Foundation of Southern Kaduna (MYFOSKA) has said that, governments failure to prosecute the perpetrators and  sponsors of ongoing killings has increased criminality in the state.
The Chairman of MYFOSKA stated this yesterday as part of the resolution contained in a communiqué issued after their meeting while addressing a press conference.
The communiqué reads in parts “the act of commission or omission by government’s failure to prosecute the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against humanity, even after being identified by the various Commissions of Inquiries, further worsen the situation by emboldening the perpetrators and their sponsors to see nothing incriminating in their criminality”.
“For this reason, the massacre of innocent human beings at the slightest opportunity and with different tactics and strategies has become past time adventure in a manner as if governments do not exist”.
“In most of the reoccurring incidence of violence over our communities, it is always unfortunately that instead of diagnosing the root causes with the aim to bringing an end to the ugly situation, some people ended up making politics and economic out of it”.
“We note with sadness that the perpetrators and their sponsors and supporters were being left to go scot free without sanctions according to the laws of the land to serve as deterrence”.
MYFOSKA equally condemned the position of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) and its conflict entrepreneurs on the peace process initiated by His Royal Highness Agwan Atyap, saying that is  “unfortunate and that has been their divisive and crisis-engineering attitudes”.
“The recurrent crisis bedeviling the area was factored largely by intolerance associated with political, tribal, religious and ethnic identity interests who keep supported by some selfish religious leaders fueling and sponsoring intolerance among ethnic activists, and instigating the otherwise tolerant”.
The group observed that “the only roadmap for sustainable peace in the zone is for the warring factions to accept in making themselves as stakeholder and custodians of peace”.


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