Adulterate Fertilizer, Go To Jail – FEPSAN

The Fertilizer Producers and Suppliers Association of Nigeria (FEPSAN) has disclosed that the new fertilizer law when implemented will ensure that whoever adulterates fertilizer will go to jail if caught.
The Executive Secretary of FEPSAN,  Mr. Gideon Negedu made the disclosure at  a 2-day stakeholders meeting and capacity building on fertilizer system application for 100 Agro dealers in Kaduna.
“There is a law now that criminalizes adulteration, it is a crime to do adulteration, you will go to jail if you adulterate fertilizer.
“The fertilizer bill has in recent time, addressed issues of adulteration, use of inappropriate machineries, tools
and racketeering in which culprit are getting to know that they will face the cause of the law if found”.
Mr. Negedu urged stakeholder in the fertilizer industry  to make sure that the right quality of fertilizer gets to the end users at the appropriate time.
He said, “It cannot  be every body selling fertilizer again. We want to ensure that our dealers know what they are selling and they can properly recommend the right fertilizer to farmers”.
On his part, the representative of Alliance for Green Revolution in African (AGRA), Chijioke Ndem said that the main aim of fertilizer consortium is to minimize farmers buying fake fertilizer.
Ndem also reiterated that the essence of the training was to see that farmers go for specific fertilizer for specific crops going forward.
“We are also trying to use some digital technology to promote what we are doing in the consortium, we are trying to use digital technology to help agro dealers track production  distribution and usage of fertilizers”.


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