Hon. Ekene Dumps APGA, Returns To APC

Hon. Abubakar Adams Ekene has dumped the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and returned to his former party, the All Progressive Congress (APC).
In a formal ceremony at his Ungwa Yelwa/ Romi ward, Hon. Ekene said his decision to return back to his party follpw d consultation and discussion with the Senator representing Kaduna  central Senator Uba Sani.
Hon. Ekene who contested the 2019 general elections as the candidate of the APGA for the House of Representatives for Chikun/Kajuru Federal constituency but not successful said, he has decided to return back to his party after due consultation.
According to him, “I give Glory to God Almighty, I went on holiday somewhere after some rest I enjoyed my holiday and today am back home, it is a home that we all joined hands together to build,thank God when we were leaving the home we never demolish it in a way that there will be no vacuum for coming back, so that we could not be able to access it and come back.
“Thank God we came back and met the home the way it is, we are happy they received us in good faith, I had a discussion with the Senator representing out Senatorial district, Senator Uba Sani who discussed with me and made me to understand the politics I played, he said to me young man you are the type of people that I really wanted in  bringing development to the people of Kaduna state and I see you as somebody that will help to achieve this drive, so am calling on you to do everything humanly possible to come in and join me, come back to APC so that we can be able to achieve the desired goal’.
“So, today am fully back into APC, I think and I also pray that in no time people in hundreds of thousands will join me in the real goal that we set for the party. We are approaching 2023 and it will speak for itself, politics in my believe is God that gives and I don’t know if I might contest election or not but the true thing is I coming to APC to help in strengthening the party.
“Whoever that is going to contest, the desire is to make sure that we achieve the desired goal. My leaving APC at the earlier stage is because of one thing or the other, alot of policy that did not go our way then,
“We are coming back with at least 50 thousand followers to APC. Ekene is a movement and everyone in the movement are from different political parties , so they are coming back they assured me that any political party am going to that they will go with me” he assured.
On his part, Mr Stephen Joseph who is the Ward Chairman said, “We are indeed very grateful because we feel we have received a bulldozer back home, and by God’s grace the lapses and weaknesses we had before, I think they will be strengthened by his coming because, he is coming with more people. It is God’s decision to give any mandate. He is coming back home not as a new person , we will give him 100% support”.
Engineer Maggaji Bala APC Chairman Chikun LGA also stressed that the ticket for contesting any position is not for a single person, “it is for members who shows  interest, we have a policy, when you purchase your form you have to face primary election, after you win you are our flag bearer. Ekene is a strong man we know him he started with us in 2014, he was one of my campaign team that led to my emergence as the Chairman, Ekene is a big additional to our party” he said.


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